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Re-versing Rhymes

'Re-versing Rhymes'is an interesting and thought provoking way of writing rhyme for anyone who wants to have a go themselves. The following are examples of a 'Re-versing Rhyme'. If you think you can come up with one yourself, send it to for the chance of a free entry into a future 'Re-versing Rhymes' book, which will be for charity.

I am looking to collect around 100 which will be for a charity book. If you would like to submit to me your own ‘re-versed rhyme’, and if accepted, I will place it into the book with your name accredited to the rhyme.


‘Re-versed Rhymes’ are not easy. Here are three examples:-

To give an example of a reversed rhyme
You have to rhyme both ends of each line

Make it interesting, make it fun
Take its elements and let it run

Try for yourself to make the words meet,
By which you’ll find that it’s no mean feat.

Let your mind wander, let it be free,
Get your reversed rhyme written and send it to me.

I will then place it into a special book,
By which everyone will be able to take a look.

Another example:-


There is one thing that I keep on wishing,
Fair to say that it’s all about fishing,
Days are spent holding rod and line,
Ways to catch fish are discussed all the time.
What size of hook? Which sort of bait?
Got to show patience whilst I sit and wait.
Keen fishermen impart their knowledge to me.
Been following their advice absolutely completely.
Why then is there just one thing I wish?
Try as I do, it’s all I want to accomplish,
My only desire? My only anguish!
I just want to catch one single fish!


This re-versed rhyme is at each end of the same line:-

Confessed to being obsessed,
Observed to be absurd,
Concurred to be a nerd,
Reserved, but had last word.

Now try to write your own ‘re-versed rhyme’. Good luck.


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