Literary Works

Literary Works by

P.D. Cain

Novels, short stories & poems

April Dawn – Life Lives

A young girl awakens with two different memories, fifty years apart, both end tragically when eight years old.  On a journey across the USA, government agents follow her, the Chinese plan to abduct her and the U.S. army want her dead. Why?  She must use everything she has learned if she is to stay alive.

A-Z of Animal Poems

& Colouring Book

A selection of poems about animals accompanied by pictures that are ready for colouring.  Ideal for keeping young minds occupied while at the same time learning about different creatures.

Percy the Parrot - and other pet subjects.

True stories about the various encounters P.D. Cain had from as early as when he was 18 months old when he ran away from home with 'Trixie' the dog, who ensured he remained safe from harm, followed by encounters during his life with cats, birds, fish, horses and even an elephant!

Percy the Parrot - the bird's perspective

Percy has a different view of what happened.  This book, which also contains illustrations, tells of Percy's own account of his time with P.D. Cain (It is a fictional account of true events).

A Sign of the Rhymes

A selection of poems - mainly humorous, some quizzical - all of which have been written and devised by P.D. Cain.

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